Belén Kimble-Fuller


The things I love the most is the ocean and inspiring women to overcome adversity to achieve their goals and dreams.

Belen’s talents in the water and her passion for surfing led her to a career as a Billabong-sponsored professional surfer/free surfer. She spent 15 years travelling the world filming for movies and magazines promoting women’s surfing. After moving from Hawaii to Australia, Belén founded Salty Girls Surf School.

Belen will be running the ‘Longboard Technical Performance’ Workshop alongside Kirra as well as running multiple surf based activities throughout the weekend.


Ready to take your longboarding to the next level? 

This is an interactive land-based workshop where you’ll learn how to trim,  read the wave & timing, use your rails, how to turn your longboard by cutbacks, drop knee and cross step cutty, through to the ultimate noseriding technique… Whether you’re considering entering competitions, or just want to learn some technical longboard skills to add to your surf sessions, this is the workshop for you! 

Suitable for women of all ages who longboard and ready to take their technical performance to the next level. 

PC: @photorussi