Candice Land


“I am excited to be part of the information sharing – being able to support women on their journey. It is so amazing to see women participating in surfing and I have seen ‘the shift’ in a big way, particularly being part of competitive surfing for the last 7 years. If any information I share can encourage, support and motivate a female surfer’s journey, then I am stoked to be a part of this innovative festival”.  – Candice

Candice is a WSL Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with over 15 years’ experience. Her passion is discovering ways to optimise human performance. Candice loves to share knowledge and insights – as she draws parallels, circles, and connected lines from the ether of research – to bring you fascinating information you can use to boost your performance.

Candice will be running the ‘Train Like a Woman Workshop’;

Improve your surfing by training like a woman. 

You could ignore the ‘pink elephant’ in the room and dismiss your unique female biology. You could continue to train like most people, with techniques that are more suited to men. But you’ll miss vital information that will help you surf your best waves. Candice Land takes you through land-based conditioning strategies that can reduce our unique injury risks and also help women paddle better and decompress from a surf session. These exercises are ones that you will be able to keep in your quiver for a lifetime.

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.

BYO towel and water bottle.