Danielle Clayton


Having started a women’s surf company with a blog, two pairs of surf leggings and zero dollars, Salt Gypsy founder, Danielle Clayton, has experienced wearing all of the hats doing all of the things. Through adopting a lean start-up methodology and outside-the-box thinking, she took those first two pairs of surf leggings and grew into a standalone women’s surf wear brand, kickstarting a global surf fashion trend, and championing everyday ocean women to feel confident and comfortable in the line-up.


Danielle will speaking at the “Ocean Women Creators” session:  A fireside chat with Danny Clayton:– Founder + Owner, Salt Gypsy, Gill Hutchinson – Author Surf Life + Heidi O’Brien – Noosa based artist. Hear from a panel of strong independent ocean women creators and learn what inspires their lives and work. A refreshing discussion that uncovers common values of collaboration, new thinking and creating change.

AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT! Swing by to style yourself out for the line-up from Salt Gypsy’s mobile surf wardrobe rack, and try out a range of demo surfboards from longboards, mid-lengths, soft tops and twin fins. Available throughout the day as part of our IWD celebration!