Danielle Clayton


Having started a women’s surf company with a blog, two pairs of surf leggings and zero dollars, Salt Gypsy founder, Danielle Clayton, has experienced wearing all of the hats doing all of the things. Through adopting a lean start-up methodology and outside-the-box thinking, she took those first two pairs of leggings and grew into a standalone women’s surf wear brand that kickstarted a surf fashion trend, generated six figures in revenue, attracted two global licensing agreements and ships to customers worldwide.


Danielle will be presenting ‘Ocean Women & the Art of Business’:

Despite a global pandemic, it’s never been easier to “launch a brand”.

How to use strategy and systems to build brand value and design a creative lifestyle business your way. However, to survive the odds of remaining in business longer than three years* requires tenacity, resilience and mindful strategies – not just a banging Instagram account and neat aesthetics. Successful businesses use vision, value and strategy to transcend failure and one-hit-wonder-ism. Danielle Clayton, founder Salt Gypsy discusses the foundations required for creating a profitable lifestyle business while fostering environmental and social stewardship.

Suitable for ages 15 years and older

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