We’re excited to release this amazing line-up of workshops, speaker sessions and activities, where you’ll meet, learn and be inspired by incredible surfing legends and specialists.




Gather with women who value surfing, and connect with the oldest living culture in the world.

No matter where our ancestral journeys began, our connection to the ocean draws us here—to the Yugambeh language region … you may know it as the Gold Coast. Join Lystra Bisschop, a First Nations woman and editor of Surfing Life magazine, in this workshop, as she shares how her Indigenous practices are making a positive impact in surfing. Yes, there will be native herbal tea.Yes, it’s hands-on.

And, yes, we’re mixing ancient traditional knowledge, science, and the power of words to make deep connections with other female surfers. It’s relaxed, fun and has a positive vibe.

Make and take home a piccabeen basket—with a modern twist—and connect to a 60,000-year-old culture, where everyone has a place and purpose. If you want, participate in a poetic process and have your collaborative contribution published in Surfing Life’s next issue.

Lystra’s a Guugu Yimithirr, Birri Gubba and Erub woman with Scottish ancestry. She’s a passionate surfer and the first female editor of a mainstream surf mag in the world. Lystra has been editor of Surfing Life for one and a half years, after completing a three-year stint as sub editor. She’s also a national award-winning writer who’s Young Adult fictional novel The Upwelling hits shelves soon. Lystra’s the executive producer of the global TV show Surfing Life TV, which is currently in its second season on Channel 7+ (in Oz) and FuelTV (worldwide).

This session is suitable for all ages.



What happens to the mind and body when experiencing intense ocean situations?

This workshop brings surfing insights to provide a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind goes through when stressed, particularly when underwater in tumbles and hold downs.   You’ll learn skills to deal with these situations, by developing  processes for managing stress, self-awareness, self-control and good decision making. These skills can be applied not only in the water, but across all facets of life, benefiting health and wellness.

Suitable for women of all ages who surf and want to start experiencing bigger waves, but may not have the confidence or knowledge to try.  



Ready to take your longboarding to the next level? 

This is an interactive land-based workshop where you’ll learn how to trim,  read the wave & timing, use your rails, how to turn your longboard by cutbacks, drop knee and cross step cutty, through to the ultimate noseriding technique… Whether you’re considering entering competitions, or just want to learn some technical longboard skills to add to your surf sessions, this is the workshop for you! 

Suitable for women of all ages who longboard and ready to take their technical performance to the next level. 



Improve your surfing by training like a woman. 

You could ignore the ‘pink elephant’ in the room and dismiss your unique female biology. You could continue to train like most people, with techniques that are more suited to men. But you’ll miss vital information that will help you surf your best waves. Candice Land takes you through land-based conditioning strategies that can reduce our unique injury risks and also help women paddle better and decompress from a surf session. These exercises are ones that you will be able to keep in your quiver for a lifetime.

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.

BYO towel and water bottle. 



How to take amazing surfing photos every time

Surfing was one of the reasons that I got into photography. Even though I’m now a surfer myself, I still love to shoot surfers. As my knowledge of photography has progressed, so has my ability to take great surfing photos. So now I’d like to share my top tips with you. The session will cover gear and equipment, tips on camera settings and lighting, how to get creative with surf photography, and how to move your surf photography from land into the water. After the session, anyone who wishes to practice with their own camera is welcome to join Hannah on the beach to put your learning to action.

Suitable for photographers of all ages who are interested in trying surf photography for the first time or who have just begun and wish to improve. A basic knowledge of photography is ideal but not essential.



Let’s celebrate being a woman

And have a frank conversation about how food can really make a difference to improve our moods, and ultimately our hormones!  Nutrient-rich fresh foods are just the first step to achieving a healthier hormone balance and keeping your moods in check. Join us for an informal chat with Nutritionists Rachel Enright and Kimberly Kushner around menstrual cycles, pain, endometriosis, moods, and simple dietary advice to relieve some symptoms and regulate unbalanced hormones.  This will really open your mind for some friendly and mood-changing advice.

Suited for females aged 15 years and older



Individuation within the Surfing Culture

Mindfulness is an important and effective way to create more positivity and meaning in anyone’s life. Being a ‘Mindful Surfer’ however, can aide to engage a person more fully in all facets of surfing throughout their lifespan. Being fully aware, present, and engaged with the surfing lifestyle as it prescribes to the individual is the difference between ‘a person who surfs’, and a ‘surfer’.  

This workshop will seek to explore and discuss emotional resilience in surfing, vulnerability and coping, gender neutrality and bias, competitiveness and personality types, the history and culture of women’s surfing in relation to the individual female surfer of today, and, acts of respect – activism for you, by you, for others, as a way forward. 

Sarra will show you that by adopting a practice of mindfulness that considers all of these issues as they relate to your own surfing and life, you will benefit most from the surfing lifestyle on a personal, community and global level.

Suitable from seasoned surfer to landlocked wannabe, bringing mindfulness to your surfing journey will benefit every aspect of your life.




Join us as we bring some of the worlds’ best female longboarders and ocean women together to celebrate this amazing surfing culture and lifestyle.  Meet Rachel Tilly, Lucy Small, Kirra Molnar and Belen Fuller-Kimble who share their passion for the ocean and their views for what’s next for female surfing.



Our stories define us and connect us; they can shape our sense of self and belonging.

The stories of surf culture have too often excluded too many. Besides being a professional longboarder, Lauren Hill develops projects that revolve around the power of storytelling to build community and inspire action to protect our planet. She is a senior writer for Surfing World Magazine and contributor for major surf publications in the US and Europe. Her book She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfing was called “the definitive anthology of female surfing.”

Join this session with Lauren to delve into the ancient stories of women’s surfing, and to explore your own surfing family tree.

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.



Improve your surfing by training like a woman. 

Don’t ignore the ‘pink elephant’ in the room and dismiss your unique female biology. You could continue to train like most people, with techniques that are more suited to men. But you’ll miss vital information that will help you surf your best waves. Candice Land discusses the uniqueness of female biology and ways in which this can impact performance particularly for competitive female surfers, (as shared with WSL high performance coaches). 

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.



Despite a global pandemic, it’s never been easier to “launch a brand”.

How to use strategy and systems to build brand value and design a creative lifestyle business your way. However, to survive the odds of remaining in business longer than three years* requires tenacity, resilience and mindful strategies – not just a banging Instagram account and neat aesthetics. Successful businesses use vision, value and strategy to transcend failure and one-hit-wonder-ism. Danielle Clayton, founder Salt Gypsy discusses the foundations required for creating a profitable lifestyle business while fostering environmental and social stewardship.

Suitable for ages 15 years and older



Surfing is never just surfing is it?

When we pull up to the beach and we’re looking at the lineup, whether at our local break or at a place in the corners of remote Indonesia, our decision to paddle out and how we’ll be when we’re out there is shaped by who we are and what we represent.

In a panel discussion with Fran Miller and Rebecca Olive, we will unpack the political underpinnings of placemaking, gender and colonialism in surfing. This is a chance to hear about Fran Miller’s recent work in documenting life in the Pacific and Indonesia and exploring both her own identity as a Korean Australian woman and the way colonialism continues to impact the lives of people in some of the most remote parts of the world.

Rebecca Olive offers an analysis into gendered experiences in Southeast Queensland and the Northern Rivers and the way we surfers build a sense of place, often as outsiders, and the politics that underpin our experiences.



Learn how the right board can make you a better surfer 

And things to look for when choosing a board that meets your needs.  Meet two local female shapers, Gillian Buttress-Grove and Jalaan Slabb who will share their approach to the fine craft of shaping and the simple things you can look for when buying your next board. 

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.



Join this incredible crew of female surfers who share their stories of competitive surfing, challenging social norms and stereotypes who just get out in the surf to do what they do best. 

These are amazing ocean women who have some special messages that will leave you inspired and motivated to jump in the surf to join the line-up!




Your lesson starts out with our friendly Salty Girls Surf all female crew making you both feel safe and comfortable with the right equipment.  You’ll learn surfing basics and surf safety.  Then it’s out to play in the waist-deep water, where you can start catching waves and standing up.  This is a special way to introduce you and your daughter to an amazing lifestyle together for years to come!

Audience: For girls aged from 5 years+ together with their Mum.  No surfing experience necessary, however you both must be water confident.

Limited spaces for just 10 Mum and daughter groups.

BYO towel and swimwear/wetsuit.  Foam surfboards will be provided.



This is the perfect session for to get your little grom out on a surfboard for the first time! 

If your child has never surfed before or you want to refresh their skills, this is the perfect lesson to get into. Our friendly experienced Salty Girls Surf all female crew will cater for the absolute beginner and have coaches that will paddle out the back with kids ready for the next level of surfing, so no child is left out.  This is a super fun lesson that your little one will come back full of smiles!

Audience: For girls aged from 5 years to 12 years.  No surfing experience necessary, however must be water confident.

Limited to just 20 groms.  (Coach to surfer ratio is 1:5)

BYO towel and swimwear/wetsuit.  Foam surfboards will be provided.



It’s time to experience the excitement of riding your first wave! 

If you have never surfed before or you want to refresh your skills, this is your perfect lesson.  Our friendly experienced Salty Girls Surf all female crew will cater for the absolute beginner, and have coaches that will paddle out the back if you’re ready for the next level of surfing, so no-one is left out.  This is a super fun lesson that you’ll come back with a wicked grin!

Audience: For women of all ages.   No surfing experience necessary, however must be water confident.

Limited to just 20 ladies.  (Coach to surfer ratio is 1:5)

BYO towel and swimwear/wetsuit.  Foam surfboards will be provided.



Create your own piece of surf art with Surf Artist Amanda Davidson

This interactive session will cover basic acrylic painting techniques, how to draw and paint a wave and incorporate paper collage into a finished artwork piece. You’ll create your very own piece of surf art and have fun while learning some new skills whilst connecting with like-minded people!

Audience: For all ages.  Children under 8 years will need to be supervised with an adult.

Limited to just 10 budding artists.

BYO drink and art apron.  All paint and artwork tools will be provided.



Surf for longer as you age, or simply spend longer in the water with each session.  

Maybe you’ve come back to surfing post kids, or you’ve just found surfing? Perhaps you can only surf a couple of times per week and you want to make every session count. 

Our goal is to make sure you that every time you hit the water you’re ready to enjoy the best surf ever! This means ensuring you have mobility, strength, flexibility and the right headspace. You are minimising the risk of injury and are in the right shape to catch every possible wave no matter your experience or level of surfing.

We will also show you how to recover for your next surf by way of self massage or myofascial release and we always finish each session with pranayama and meditation.



Start your day with an incredible and relaxing 45-minute yoga session to breathe pure goodness into your body on beautiful Coolangatta beach. 

Follow on with doing good for the ocean, with a beach clean-up and chat with yoga practitioner and marine conservationist, Mollie Cox.

Suited for females aged 15years+.  Mollie can tailor the class for individual abilities.

BYO towel/yoga mat & water bottle.  Beach clean kit and gloves will be provided.

Limited to just 20 people.



Being physically fit is such an important aspect of surf progression.

Many surfers think that simply surfing is enough to help them improve. And while time in the water is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your surfing, adding in a fitness regime or better yet surf fitness regime can help you to take that leap to the next level.   This surf fit group class will help you improve your paddle fitness and stamina, enhance your surf style, and increase your core strength and stability.

Suited for females aged 15 years +

BYO towel/yoga mat & water bottle. 

Limited to just 18 people. 



Take part in caring for our beach habitat along our World Surf Reserve for future generations. 

Plant native tube stock in our dunes along Kirra beach, help identify and remove weeds, collect litter and learn about the plants and animals that call our Gold Coast beaches home during this hands-on session.

Audience: This activity is suitable for all ages.  Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Enclosed shoes are compulsory and sun-protective clothing is recommended. BYO water bottle, hat and a smile.  Plants and equipment will be provided.

Run by knowledgeable City of Gold Coast staff, this is a great opportunity to find out about how we manage our beaches and what you can do to help.


Please note Schedule is subject to change – ticket holders will be informed

More details to be released soon!