Gill Hutchison


Gill worked in the publishing industry for over ten years until surfing took hold and she left the city to pursue a dream of life by the sea. Gill loves a chat in the surf car park almost as much as surfing itself. In 2012 she bought a 1960s shack, and after a short stint working in the surf industry, landed her dream job in a bookshop. She also writes for The Guardian. She lives on the Surf Coast with her son, Rex, and their dog, Betty.

Gill will be speaking at the “Ocean Women Creators” session:  A fireside chat with Danny Clayton:– Founder + Owner, Salt Gypsy, Gill Hutchinson – Author Surf Life + Heidi O’Brien – Noosa based artist. Hear from a panel of strong independent ocean women creators and learn what inspires their lives and work. A refreshing discussion that uncovers common values of collaboration, new thinking and creating change.