Gillian Buttress-Grove


A bad experience buying the wrong longboard from a surf shop led shortboard surfer, artist, art teacher, traveller and ocean lover Gillian Grove into the shaping bay where she replaced her brushes for shaping tools and became one of only a handful of women worldwide shaping longboards. There she discovered that the right board could make you a better surfer just like the wrong board could be making you a worse surfer.

Gillian believes that each board you buy should help you get to the ‘next level’ in your surfing and has been creating a list of the 65 dynamics that can be customised to you when you buy a board off a shaper. She is passionate about educating as many women as possible around board dynamics and how to get the best from your board in the surf.  Gillian shapes under ShapedbyShe.


Gill will be presenting ‘Finding your Next Quiver’ alongside Jalaan;

Learn how the right board can make you a better surfer 

And things to look for when choosing a board that meets your needs.  Meet two local female shapers, Gillian Buttress-Grove and Jalaan Slabb who will share their approach to the fine craft of shaping and the simple things you can look for when buying your next board. 

Suitable for ages 13 years and older.

PC: @hannahjessupphotography