Heidi O’Brien


Heidi O’Brien has been immersed in the ocean and surfing since she was a child. Early memories of trips up the coast from Byron Bay to Noosa were made when Heidi was a young girl, with the family moving to Noosa when she was around 8 years old.

Growing up spending afternoons after school with her mum and dad and two younger brothers at Little Cove or First Point made an impact that would ripple through her life and set in motion a great love for surfing and the ocean. Heidi’s dad, Ian O’Brien was pushing her into waves young on an old McTavish asymmetrical bluebird and now she rides mainly her Thomas logs.

Heidi has never been formally trained as an Artist, instead she studied business but has always painted as way to stay connected to the ocean, especially when she was living in London and Paris.


Heidi will be speaking at the “Ocean Women Creators” session:  A fireside chat with Danny Clayton:– Founder + Owner, Salt Gypsy, Gill Hutchinson – Author Surf Life + Heidi O’Brien – Noosa based artist. Hear from a panel of strong independent ocean women creators and learn what inspires their lives and work. A refreshing discussion that uncovers common values of collaboration, new thinking and creating change.