Jodie Barsby


Former ASP and open women’s competitor Jodie Barsby, a Torres Strait Islander and just one of the two competitive indigenous longboard female surfers, started surfing at the age of 13 years old at Cresent Head. 

Jodie competed in her first competition at 16 years old at the Malfunction and was introduced to Bonga Perkins, who won the Opens Men’s Pro division and had won the World Longboard Title. From what Jodie was told, he saw her surf and he was so stoked the way she was surfing, that he gave her his Longboard he won on. This changed Jodie’s surfing career and she started her competitive career spanning over 10 years nationally and in California.

Jodie will be presenting ‘It’s Just What We Do’ alongside Robyn & Nancy:

Join this incredible crew of female surfers who share their stories of competitive surfing, challenging social norms and stereotypes who just get out in the surf to do what they do best. 

These are amazing ocean women who have some special messages that will leave you inspired and motivated to jump in the surf to join the line-up!

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