Kate McMahon


Kate McMahon is an author, writer, editor and surf-rat whose mission is to encourage ocean-loving action girls to fall in love with reading and writing. She’s the former editor of Waves SurfGIRL magazine, current contributor to Surfing Life magazine and author of The Bikini Collective surf fiction series.ormer ASP and open women’s competitor Jodie Barsby, a Torres Strait Islander and just one of the two competitive indigenous longboard female surfers, started surfing at the age of 13 years old at Cresent Head. 

Kate will be be hosting our Literary Line-up:

Fulfill your flat-day fantasies with reads that drop you right back into the ocean. We’re excited to announce our Women’s Surf Festival reading nook, The Literary Line-up, hosted by Kate McMahon, author of The Bikini Collective surf fiction series, with special guest authors Lystra Bishop and Lauren Hill. Bring a hot cuppa, cuddle up to a cushion and take time out for a read and cosy chit-chat with Kate, Lystra and Lauren and practice your own writing. Sat & Sun, 9am to 3pm.