Kimberly Kushner


“We don’t often get the chance to have an open conversation about our moods and hormones have in to our day to day lives.  It can be as easy as understanding what foods we eat. We’re ready to support some ladies and their hormones!” – Kimberly

Kimberly is a naturopath and clinical nutritionist who places patient care and wellbeing as her utmost priority. She specialises in healthy weight management, nutrigenomics, hormones, and areas of women’s health spanning endometriosis, PCOS, fertility issues, and more. Having dealt with long term chronic illnesses herself, endometriosis and adenomyosis have significantly shaped Kimberly as a practitioner. She is passionate about guiding people through an integrative healthcare model in order to achieve the best possible outcome and obtain vibrant health.

Kimberly will be running our ‘Food, Moods & Hormones’ Workshop alongside Rachel Enright;

Let’s celebrate being a woman

And have a frank conversation about how food can really make a difference to improve our moods, and ultimately our hormones!  Nutrient-rich fresh foods are just the first step to achieving a healthier hormone balance and keeping your moods in check. Join us for an informal chat with Nutritionists Rachel Enright and Kimberly Kushner around menstrual cycles, pain, endometriosis, moods, and simple dietary advice to relieve some symptoms and regulate unbalanced hormones.  This will really open your mind for some friendly and mood-changing advice.

Suited for females aged 15 years and older.