Lystra Bisschop


Award-winning writer and Indigenous Australian, Lystra (or “Lys” for those freaked out at pronouncing wacky names) loves surfing everywhere—especially in the Gold Coast, her hometown. She’s passionate about creating space for people who’ve never had an opportunity to be published, so they can have a voice in the surf community. That is, female and First Nation surfers, writers, photographers … and our wonderful groms. Lystra considers it a privilege to develop young and new writers by nurturing them through the editorial process (from developmental editing to print).

Over 12 years ago, Lystra was bedridden for three years and had a near-death experience when the second (out of four) major surgeries went terribly wrong. It was then, Lystra vowed to learn to surf and join her surfing-fanatic husband if she recovered, and never let fear trap her in her comfort zone again.

“Surfing reminds us that fear is a friend, not a foe, and can make you better in so many other areas of your life.” – Lys