Sally Howe


“My aim is to empower women to develop skills in a supportive, fun environment to build ocean confidence, which can then be transferred to everyday life.  Having the understanding of how to control and hold your breath in an intense situation can have powerful effects on how you perform and access energy. Controlling the breath not only allows you to change your states quickly, but can also enable you to navigate through unpredictable scenarios”.  – Sally Howe

After 20 years of surfing and in more recent years coaching women to surf, Sally understands how amazing, but unpredictable the ocean can be at times. Developing the knowledge and confidence to make good decisions requires a steady and calm head, which stems from using correct breathing techniques.

Sally will be running the ‘Ocean Confidence & Breathe’ Workshop:

What happens to the mind and body when experiencing intense ocean situations?

This workshop brings surfing and freediving insights together  to provide a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when dealing with intense situations, particularly when underwater in tumbles and hold downs.   You’ll learn easy to practice breathing skills to deal with these situations and develop  processes for managing the sensations of stress so you can make good decision. These skills can be applied not only in the water, but across all facets of life, benefiting health and wellness.

Suitable for women of all ages who surf and want to start experiencing bigger waves, but may not have the confidence or knowledge to try.