Sarra Robertson


A professional longboarder from 1992 to 2004; with degrees in Psychology, Contemporary Visual Art, Secondary Education; Freelance Creative/Designer; founder and owner of Land & Sea Therapy; long time and multi generational Northern Rivers local; and proud mum to 2 quirky and wonderful little boys.

Sarra will be running ‘The Mindful Surfer’ Workshop & be speaking at the “The Modern Rise of Women’s Professional Longboarding” Forum.

Individuation within the Surfing Culture

Mindfulness is an important and effective way to create more positivity and meaning in anyone’s life. Being a ‘Mindful Surfer’ however, can aide to engage a person more fully in all facets of surfing throughout their lifespan. Being fully aware, present, and engaged with the surfing lifestyle as it prescribes to the individual is the difference between ‘a person who surfs’, and a ‘surfer’.  

This workshop will seek to explore and discuss emotional resilience in surfing, vulnerability and coping, gender neutrality and bias, competitiveness and personality types, the history and culture of women’s surfing in relation to the individual female surfer of today, and, acts of respect – activism for you, by you, for others, as a way forward. 

Sarra will show you that by adopting a practice of mindfulness that considers all of these issues as they relate to your own surfing and life, you will benefit most from the surfing lifestyle on a personal, community and global level.

Suitable from seasoned surfer to landlocked wannabe, bringing mindfulness to your surfing journey will benefit every aspect of your life.